10 Best Recliner Sofa in India-Buyer’s Guide (June 2023)

Best recliner

If there is one piece of furniture that allows you to relax, unwind, and feel at home it has to be the contemporary recliner sofa. We have compiled a comprehensive list that includes modern recliner sofas, traditional recliner sofas, modern recliner sofas, etc.

Our Top Picks 

Best Overall- Sleepyhead RX 7

The Sleepyhead RX 7 recliner sofa is the best overall choice for a recliner sofa for your house. It is crafted out of premium engineered wood and has rocking and revolving features.

Best BudgetThe Couch Cell Multi-Ply Recliner

It is a single-seater recliner with a manual mechanism that can be operated by anyone. If you are searching for a comfortable recliner within your budget, then this is the right product for you.

Best Comfortable Recliner Sofa-  Avalon Recliner

The Duroflex foam used in this recliner gives you ultra-comfortable seating. It provides excellent back support and has 3 reclining positions to suit your requirements.

Best Electric-Lezino Electric Recliner

This electric recliner from Lezino is one of the best-motorized recliners out there. The electric mechanism helps you to effortlessly adjust the positions and experience utmost comfort. 

Best Fabric-Nilkamal Matt 1-Seater Manual Recliner

The Nilkamal fabric recliner is made with polyester material and engineered wood that offers long-lasting comfort. It consists of a premium matt finish and aesthetic looks.

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Summary of 10 Best Recliner Sofa in India

S. NoProduct NamePrice (Rs.)
1.Home center 3-seat recliner sofa44,998
2. Amazon Brand Solimo Musca fabric recliner35,999
3.Duroflex avalon rocking and reclining sofa16,999
4.The Couch Cell recliner19,988
5.Lezino electric recliner34,000
6.Furny Carson Recliner48,957
7.Sleepyhead RX721,999
8.The Couch Cell Multi-Ply recliner12,824
9.Nilkamal Matt One-Seater Recliner15,463
10.Duroflex Avalon16,999

Comparison Table

ProductPrice (Rs.)FeaturesReclining PositionsMechanism
Home center 3-seat recliner sofa44,998Padded armrest, termite resistant,3Electric
Amazon Brand Solimo Musca fabric recliner15,999European safety standards, ergonomic design1Manual
Duroflex avalon rocking and reclining sofa16,999High-quality, ergonomicManual

10 Best Recliner Sofa in India

A recliner sofa is stylish and also provides users with added comfort and leisure. Recliner sofas with adjustable headrest and footrest features allow you to relax and unwind. You also get recliner sofas with USB, recliner sofas with storage, etc.

1. Home Center 3-Seater Recliner Sofa

Amazon Link

Home Center Link

Add this luxurious piece of 3-seater recliner sofa and enjoy a relaxation session right inside your living room. It has various reclining positions; sitting, reading, & watching TV.


Material- Pine wood, polyester, foam fill

Dimensions-95 x 199 x 98

Weight- 84 kg 600 gm

Price-Rs. 44,998

Warranty- 1 year

Who Should Buy This?

The 3-seater recliner sofa is an ideal choice if you have a spacious living room and a big family. If you want to invest in durable and high-quality furniture then this recliner is the right bet. 

Durable and sturdyCushioning not up to the mark
Electric mechanism
Termite resistant
Padded arm

Findings From Our Product Testing Guru

This 3-seater recliner sofa is value for money and offers excellent backrest and comfort to the user. The electric mechanism makes the operation easy.

User Testimonial

A review given by Bharti says, “This 3-seater reclining sofa is made beautifully with pinewood, polyester, and non-siliconized virgin polyfill. It offers adequate back and lumbar support too.”

2. Amazon Brand Solimo Musca Fabric Recliner

Amazon Link

If you are looking for a sturdy and huge reclining sofa then this Amazon Brand Solimo Musca Recliner is the one for you. It is a 3-seater sofa with 2 reclinable seats and one non-reclinable center seat. 


Material- Fabric recliner

Dimensions-1.07 x 2.06 x  1.04 meters

Weight-80 kgs

Price- Rs. 35,999

Warranty- 3 years

Who Should Buy This?

The ergonomic design of this 3-seater recliner sofa is a perfect fit for office rooms. This furniture will perfectly match a large office space and give you a comfortable experience.

Ergonomic& strongOnly 2 reclining seats
3 years warranty
Meets European performance & safety standards

Findings From Our Product Testing Guru

The ergonomic design of this recliner is specifically suited for office places. At a price range of Rs. 35,999, this recliner is worth investing in for comfortable and relaxing seating.

User Testimonial

“In this price range, the Amazon Brand Solimo Musca recliner is absolutely worthwhile. It is very comfortable, easy to assemble, and has a piece of good fabric, “says Varun. 

3. Duroflex Avalon Rocking & Reclining Sofa

Amazon Link

Duroflex Avalon Link

Duroflex is a renowned manufacturer of a wide variety of premium products, and this Avalon Rocking & Reclining Sofa is no exception. You can choose from 3 different reclining positions.


Material-Polypropylene & Polyester

Price- RS.16,999

Weight- 58 kg

Dimensions- 96 x 94 x 98 Cm

Warranty- 1 year

Who Should Buy This?

Those who want a recliner sofa under 20,000. And old age people who need better back and lumbar support.

3 reclining positions- sitting, reading, watching TVSlightly wobbly
Offers lumbar and back supportLess color choice
High-density foam
Adheres to European norms of durability

Findings From Our Product Testing Guru

Under Rs. 20,000 this Duroflex recliner sofa comes with plenty of useful features that let you relax and be comfortable for a long time. 

User Testimonial

A user Ankita who bought this recliner for her parents, said, “The product is awesome with the rocking and rotating feature. It was an overall pleasant experience with this product from Duroflex.”

4. The Couch Cell Recliner

Amazon Link

Buying a plush-looking recliner sofa within your budget is now a reality with the Couch Cell motorized recliner.


Material- Faux leather and wood

Price-Rs. 19,988

Weight-45 kgs

Dimensions-53.3 x 88.9 x  86.4 cm

Who Should Buy This?

This recliner sofa is also a great choice if you want space-saving recliner sofas for your home. The push button is ideal for older users.

Easy to cleanNot too sturdy
Leather materialThere is a gap between the seat and base
Position lockNo warranty
Mechanized backrest and footrest adjustment
Sleek and attractive

Findings From Our Product Testing Guru

The Couch Cell motorized recliner offers value for money under Rs. 20,000. It has a premium leatherette finish and a sleek design too.

User Testimonial

Mera purchased this recliner sofa for her father in law stated that “he really enjoys using it, thanks to the comfort and relaxation it offers.”

5. Lezino Electric Recliner

Amazon Link

Lenizo Link

Are you looking for recliner sofas with cup holders for your home theatre or lounge area? If yes, look no further than the Lezino electric recliner for superior comfort and relaxed sitting. 


Material- Faux leather & wood

Price- Rs. 34,000

Weight- 40 kg

Dimensions- 99.1 x  91.4 x  106.7 cms

Warranty- 1 year

Who Should Buy This?

Anyone looking for an eclectic recliner with cup holders within Rs. 35,000 for their lounge or theatre room must invest in this luxurious piece of furniture. 

Electric MechanismHigh price
Cup holdersMixed reviews
Easy to clean
Sturdy back

Findings From Our Product Testing Guru

It is a luxurious-looking recliner sofa with beneficial features and a sturdy body. If you are not on a tight budget this electric recliner sofa will provide you with a relaxing experience. 

User Testimonial

A user wrote, “The product is good and extremely comfortable. But the switch position is far away and hence, getting the sofa upright is difficult for older users.”

6. Furny Carson Recliner

Amazon Link

Furny carson Link

This 3-seater recliner sofa is perfect for all types of Indian home decor. It is made with breathable leather and has soft foam cushioning for enhanced comfort. 


Material- solid wood, leather

Price-Rs. 48,957

Weight- 30 kg

Dimensions- 37 x 85 x 41 cm

Warranty-1 year

Who Should Buy This?

Anyone looking for a durable and comfortable recliner must buy this Furny Carson sofa. It is also an ideal choice for those who want a recliner with all-weather upholstery.

Durable materialManual recliner
Upholstery suited for all seasons
Very comfortable

Findings From Our Product Testing Guru

This contemporary design recliner fits all types of home decor. The recliner offers maximum comfort and is highly durable. However, at this price range, one may buy an electric recliner.

User Testimonial

An existing user of the Furny Carson recliner says,” This is the best seating solution to the home theatre in my house. And everyone loves sitting on it.”

7. Sleepyhead RX 7

Amazon Link

Sleepyhead Rx 7 Link

German-tested for durability, the Sleepyhead RX 7 is a  recliner with rotation and rocking motion. The rolled armrest, pillowed back, and padded seats provide absolute relaxation and comfort. 


Material- Premium polyester

Weight-42.7 kg

Dimensions-81.2 x 88.9 x 99 cm

Price- Rs. 21,999

Warranty- 3 years

Who Should Buy This?

Those looking for a recliner to use daily must opt for this extremely comfortable sofa. It is also suitable for anyone who wants additional recliner features below 25,000.

3 reclining positions Manual mechanism
High durability

Findings From Our Product Testing Guru

This manual reclining sofa offers value for money as it consists of added features at an affordable price of Rs. 21,999. 

User Testimonial

Rekha, a buyer, praised the product saying, “ I was looking for a compact,  comfortable, and durable recliner. This recliner sofa is absolutely worth the money.

8. The Couch Cell Multi-Ply Recliner

Amazon Link

The Couch Cell recliner is the best budget product on our list. It has leatherette upholstery, a manual mechanism, and pocket spring seating. This recliner is a highly rated product under 15,000.


Material- Faux leather and wood

Weight- 38 kg

Price-Rs. 12,824

Dimensions-88 x 88 x 101 cm

Warranty- 6 months

Who Should Buy This?

Those looking for a low-cost recliner sofa must buy this recliner as it comes at a very affordable price.

This is the best budget recliner sofa that offers great comfort and relaxation.

Affordable priceManual recliner
Locking mechanism for safetyLeather material not up to the mark
Comfortable seatingHigh seating

Findings From Our Product Testing Guru

The Couch Cell recliner is a very affordable recliner sofa for Rs.15,000. However, do not expect very high-quality and luxurious comfort at this price.

User Testimonial

Mr. Shyam says, “ The recliner is a good buy at Rs. 15,000. But some parts required oiling to work smoothly. Overall a good product for the price.”

9. Nilkamal Matt 1-Seater Manual Recliner

Amazon Link

Nilkamal Link

This Nilkamal Matt recliner with cocoa color fabric will seamlessly blend into your home interiors and provide you with a never-before relaxation right inside your home. 


Material-Polyester & engineered wood

Dimensions- 90 x 83 x 100 cm

Weight-36 kg

Price-Rs. 15,463

Warranty- 1-year

Who Should Buy This?

The Nilkamal fabric recliner is for all those who want an affordable,  strong-built and high-quality fabric recliner sofas with a cup holder for their living room. 

Easy to assembleLacks additional features
Cup holder & 3 modesManual recliner takes effort

Findings From Our Product Testing Guru

The Nilkamal Matt recliner is a high-quality basic recliner with aesthetic looks. It is a fairly priced manual recliner to relax and unwind in the comfort of your home. 

User Testimonial

A customer reviewed the product saying, “ It is a really nice recliner by Nilkamal with 3 modes i.e normal, legs straight, and max. But the max reclining mode requires additional strength.”

10. Duroflex Avalon

Amazon Link

Duroflex Link

Enjoy the utmost comfort and unwind peacefully with the Duroflex recliner sofa. This single-seat recliner sofa is among the perfect space-saving recliner sofas for your living room.


Material-Polypropylene, pinewood, polyester

Weight-58 kg

Price-Rs. 16,999

Dimensions-96 x 94 x 98 cm

Warranty- 1 year

Who Should Buy This?

This single-seater recliner is a good choice for those who want comfort for long durations with space-saving recliner sofas. The polyfill cushion and backrest provide good back and lumbar support. 

3 reclining positions
Ideal for longer duration sitting
Tested for European durability norms

Findings From Our Product Testing Guru

The Duroflex Avalon recliner is among the corner recliner sofas that do not take up too much space. It is a decently-priced product with useful features and high durability.

User Testimonial

Rohan bought this recliner for his parents and says, “This recliner is the best investment I made. My parents really enjoy and relax on this sofa. It offers extreme comfort for many hours.”

Different Types of Recliners & Materials Used For Recliners

If you are planning to bring a recliner home, you will be surprised to see the various types of recliners that are available in the market. You will find recliner sofas with USB, recliner sofas with storage, etc.

Here are the types of recliners

  1. Flat Recliner- A flat recliner is a full layout one that is appropriate for a sleeping position. These traditional recliner sofas require huge space to fully recline and have limited functionalities.
  1. Rocking Recliner-As the name suggests, rocking recliners rock on arched tracks and give a rocking motion back and forth. 
  1. Electric Recliners-Electric recliners have a motorized mechanism that reclines the sofa into different positions. The electric motor tilts the backrest and footrest and reclines the sofa in other positions as desired.
  1. Swivel Chairs– A swivel recliner has a circular base allowing it to move right and left. Such recliners offer varied motions to the user and are designed to offer a comfortable seating position.
  1. Wall hugger– If you have space constraints, then the wall hugger recliners are the right choice. The mechanism of a wall hugger recliner involves sliding the seat and footrest. Thus, there is no need for space behind.

Materials Used in Recliners

  1. Leather– Leather is one of the strongest, most durable, and classy materials used in recliners. It only gives a smooth texture but also enhances longevity. 
  1. Synthetic or Polyurethane– This is another common material used in the upholstery of recliners. It gives a deep cushioning to the recliner while being pocket-friendly and smooth.
  1. Fabric-Fabric material provides soft and cozy comfort to the user. Though it requires more maintenance than leather, it is appealing and absorbs heat slowly.

How To Maintain Your Recliners

  1. Preventing Any Damage– The first step is to take proactive measures and prevent any damage to the recliner. It is important to place the recliner away from direct sunlight as it can damage the material and cause it to wear out quickly.
  1. Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions-When you buy a piece of furniture; it is wise to familiarize yourself with the different materials and components used in it and how to take care of them. 
  1. Keep the Recliner Clean– It is extremely important to keep the recliner upholstery clean, especially if it is leather. You can also seek help from professional cleaners for optimum cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a recliner sofa good for back pain?

Yes, sitting in a reclining position is said to be good for back pain. A recliner with appropriate back and lumbar support can be advantageous for those with back problems.

2. What are the disadvantages of a recliner sofa?

  • Limited styles and color options
  • Expensive
  • Occupy more space
  • Require more maintenance

3. Is it ok to sleep in a recliner every night?

No. Sleeping in a recliner every night can lead to muscle and joint stiffness as the space is constrained.

4. Are recliners good for your body?

Yes. Recliner sofas provide many benefits to the body like 

  • Better circulation
  • Lumbar support
  • Improves mobility
  • Relieves back pain

5. Which is better manual or the electric recliner?

Electric recliners are a better choice as they last longer than manual recliners. The electric mechanism leads to gentle movements and lesser wear and tear.


Read, relax, or watch TV in utmost comfort with the right recliner. We have brought the best 10 recliners for every need, budget, and style. So choose yours now!

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Products That Didn’t Make It to the List but Are Good

1. Kosmo Care Electric Push Recliner

Amazon Link

This electric push recliner operates on a remote and lets users rise from the recliner effortlessly. It is supported by a Greman-made motor and has a micro leather material. It is available at a price of Rs. 41,990.

2. WellNap Motorized Recliner

Amazon Link

This classy, comfortable, & pocket-friendly recliner sofa makes a perfect addition to your bedroom or living room. It is crafted out of leather and offers excellent comfort.

3. Furni Rochas 2 Seat Recliner

Amazon Link

The Furny Rochas recliner is made with leatherette and solid wood material that enhances durability and offers luxurious comfort. The toughened backrest and arms ensure that you can be comfortable for extended hours

4. Couch Cell 2-Seat Recliner

Amazon Link

This is a recliner sofa with storage box priced at Rs. 30,000. It is constructed with an all-weather suede fabric and is easy to install. Looking for recliner loveseats? This is exactly what you need.

 10 Best Recliner Sofa in India-Buyer’s Guide (June 2023)
 10 Best Recliner Sofa in India-Buyer’s Guide (June 2023)


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